Let us Take Care of the Books

Helping real estate investors, property managers and other companies succeed through effective financial maintenance and insight.

Organize Your Financials

At Desert Bloom Bookkeeping, we understand just how hard it is to keep your finances organized, and we’re here to help! Whether that involves a QuickBooks review, cleanup, or if you're ready for a full-time bookkeeper, we can assure you that your finances will be in good hands. 

Monthly Bookkeeping

Our primary goal for each client is to provide up-to-date and accurate financial reports each month. Correct financial information will help businesses in maintaining better control of their spending, while also having the most accurate information when tax time comes.

Additional Services

Every business has its unique needs and priorities when looking at the books. We are structured to offer a variety of options. Every client may not need full bookkeeping and some may need every option available. We will customize each of your needs with our solutions. Let us help you go further in your business!